Get Rid of Found In Your Water!

Custom Water Systems

We design our water systems based on your water problems and budget. Get the perfect water system tailored to your needs.

Self Maintenance

Clean Water systems use advanced technology that makes it easy to maintain. Our systems come with self-cleaning scheduling features.

Energy Saving

Clean Water strives for energy efficiency, and our systems are designed to consume less electricity than the standard water systems.

About Clean Water

Clean Water is a full service in El Paso County focused in solving your water quality problems. We have been in business for over 25 years, longer than any other water treatment company in El Paso. Our mission is to make sure you get the best water quality possible. We provide our customers with only the best water systems which are made here in the USA. No matter what your budget limit is, we have a drinking water solution that is perfect for you!

Treatment Benefits

Water treatment is essential in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Contaminants such as Lead, Chlorine, Arsenic, Iron, etc. are a few of the most common particles found in our home’s water which are harmful to our health. Softener systems reduce carcinogens and endocrine disrupting chemicals improving our daily life and health. Enjoy better tasting water and benefit from softer skin and clean, smooth hair.

Installations & Repairs

Water treatment systems can do a lot for you and your loved ones. However, water systems only run at their top performance when maintained properly. Water systems fail at times, but many times it’s a simple fix which can save you a ton of money. Our water specialist will make sure to keep your water system running at its best at all times.


When wanting to get the best water quality, you need a quality water system. We are proud to say that all of our systems are made here in the USA.


Water Conditioner


From the moment you install the TrueFlow series professional water conditioning system, everyone in your home will no- tice the satisfying benefits of consistently fresh

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