About Us

Our services are backed by over 50 years of experience.

The solution to all your hard water problems

Clean Water's History

Clean Water has been in business with El Paso for longer than any other water company. We have been in business since 1950 and are here to stay and make sure our customers are taken care of the way they deserve. Clean Water has built the reputation for being the best water treatment company in El Paso, TX. and surrounding areas.

Energy Efficient Technologies

Clean Water strives for energy efficiency, and its systems are designed to consume less electricity than the standard office counterpart, resulting in savings for consumers and the environment.

Clean Water Innovative Technologies

Clean Water prides itself on remaining at the forefront of emerging technologies. Conventional bottled water delivery is a relic of the past. Now Clean Water has burst through the bottle, offering state-of-the-art water lines. These exciting systems include Clean Water exclusive Flowline system, which utilizes a 9 stage filtration process, as well as the Global Water line, which employs a 3 or 4 stage reverse osmosis filtration technology. Each line is created with aesthetic options to suit all tastes and lifestyles. All of Clean Water’s innovative water systems are available for businesses and homes, and provide an endless supply of healthier, refreshing water, while eliminating the need to store bulky bottles and having to wait for water delivery.